6 Halloween ideas for your garage / garage door

The leaves are turning from green to brown and there’s a cool nip in the air plus Halloween is just around the corner. This year, take the brooms out of your garage and twist up some twine for a Halloween garage extravaganza the kids and adults will not soon forget. Below are 7 Halloween decoration ideas for your garage and garage door that are sure to be a crowd pleaser.




1. Black Alley

Craft a black alley from a 20′ x 100′ roll of black plastic sheeting. Hang it over the garage rails and then go wild. Attach or set up cobwebs, branches, brooms, flameless candles, twine and hay bales, headstones, jack o lanterns, lights, talking figures, fall garland, bats, spiders, and some much more. Soon your garage will be transformed.  Go with whatever your theme is this year. Let the trick-or-treaters go down the black alley to get their treats.


2. Light the Way to your Garage Door

It seems that everything lights up! Look for branch and twig lights, pumpkin or skull string lights, faux self-lightning jack o lanterns, decorative flameless luminaries, orange LED rope lights, and figurines. You can create an ambiance with lights for your indoor garage party or chili feed. Everyone will enjoy the amazing creepy glow. Or you can get a projector and have images play on your garage door. Either way it will be amazing.


3. Go Batty with Batting

Craft batting can go a long way in creating a full-scale creepy spider web. Stretch gobs of batting inside your garage or over the garage door in every direction and use thread or fishing line to hang scary bugs, snakes, and spiders from every web to create scary spider cave. You can always add a fog machine or creepy Halloween music too.


4. Talking Door

Cover your garage door with plain brown paper. Pick up every motion-censored talking head, witch, ghoul, monster, and or goblin. Hang them all on the door with the motion sensors on. They will all scream, laugh, holler, growl or cackle at the same time. You can always go with a theme or create something of your own, the ideas are really endless here.


5. Fortune-Teller Tent

Inside the garage, set up or craft a tent. Set up a round table, a floor-length tablecloth, a chair, an eerie light source, a deck of cards, and a glass ball. Dress up like a fortune teller or an old witch, with all of the special effects. The trick or treaters will have to see you to get theirs treats. So much fun for you and them.


6. Create a Monster or Headstone


You can get some cardboard or sheets of plywood and cut out a monster mouth or face. Paint it, back light it, and attach it. Or wrap your garage door in some sort of gray matterial, get some lettering and RIP.


Make this Halloween a very special one that involves your garage and loads of fun. You can put your own special twist on any of these ideas. Happy Halloween!!!