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What are the main differences between the different residential openers?

Liftmaster Chain Drive Wi-Fi Battery Backup Garage Door Opener 8160WB
This model is a basic contractor model that is durable and powerful driven with a chain, like a bicycle chain. Has a DC motor. Trusted reliability with battery backup and soft start/stop for smooth operation.Comes with a simple wall button, a 3-button remote control, and integrated battery backup. Does require maintenance and lubrication. Comes with the MyQ Technology that enables secure monitoring and control of your garage door opener with a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Negative side is that it is not as quiet as the belt drive opener. You can only put one light bulb in this unit.

Liftmaster DC Battery Backup Belt Drive WI-FI Garage Door Opener 8550W
This model is our best-selling model. It comes with built in Wi-Fi for easy access to connect to your garage and know your home is secure. Has a DC motor. Battery backup ensures garage access even when the power’s out. With reliability, the belt drive system is quiet and maintenance free that does not need regular lubrication. Comes with a deluxe smart wall multi-function control panel and a 3-button remote control that sends out a new code with every click. Get real-time alerts with the mobile App and open your door using your mobile devices. You can put two light bulbs for more light in this unit.

Liftmaster DC Battery Backup Belt Drive LED WI-FI Opener WLED
This model has corner to corner lighting with 3,100 lumens of daylight-like lighting and no light bulbs to change! Motion detector lights the way automatically so you don’t need to look for the light switch or wall button. Has quiet operation with the belt drive system and is automatic garage door lock capable.

Liftmaster DC Battery Backup Wall Mount WI-FI Opener 8500W
This model optimizes space with it’s space-saving design that allows open ceiling space. Includes the automatic garage door lock that makes the garage door virtually impenetrable, MyQ mobile app for real time alerts, and heavy-lifting power up to 850 lbs.

What do I need to know to place an order for a door or opener?

  • Measure the width and height of your existing garage door in feet.
  • What kind of door are you looking for basic, vinyl back or steel back insulated?
  • Look at the head room available in your garage for any special opener requirements such as, low head room or no head room.

Garage door won’t open?

Common reasons why your door will not open are mechanical issues or your motor isn’t working.

  • Broken springs — This is a very common problem with doors. The torsion springs (across the top of your door) or Extension springs (either side of the door) are only rated for so many cycles. When the cycles are done then the spring will break/snap, see photo for example, and the door cannot be lifted by your opener. This calls for a spring replacement and we recommend a technician from our company be called for safety reasons.
  • Worn cables — Cables are metal wire and run on either side of your door. When your spring breaks most of the time your cables will come loose or off and should be replaced along with your spring. This can be dangerous we recommend calling us, a professional, for this job.
  • Lock Handle — Check that your lock handle is not engaged. You can check this yourself by looking on the outside of your door.
  • Remote not working — Check your battery in your remote, it can be weak causing your remote to work inconsistently. Most remotes require a CR 2032 battery, which we stock at our shop. Another reason that your remote can work sometimes and not others is something can be interfering with your signal. If you can’t locate the issue, call us! we have a tool that can help figure out if there are interference signals.
  • Lock/Vacation Mode — Holding down the lock/vacation switch or button down too long will activate the lock or vacation mode. If lock mode is on then nothing will happen when you try to open/close the door. Hold down the lock/vacation switch or button to deactivate the lock mode.

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