A Clean Garage Checklist

Springtime is right around the corner, since the garage can be a significant source of clutter, we recommend starting there. Not many people look forward to this yearly chore, but it’s an essential task if you want to keep things clean, accessible and in tip-top shape. The garage and especially the garage door, are used almost every day. So, keeping them both well maintained is key to enjoying your year and ensuring your garage door last. Once this exhausting chore is complete, you’ll be glad that your garage looks exceptionally well.


While garage doors are built strong and durable, they still need maintenance from time to time. So while you’re cleaning your garage, it’s an excellent opportunity to visually inspect your door. Make the most of your time and energy by following the ultimate garage cleaning checklist, that even the busiest of homeowners can manage.


Let’s start off by decluttering your garage. Depending on your garage’s size and the amount of clutter, choose a full day or weekend for your family or friends to dedicate to this project with you. You’ll want to remove everything (yes, everything) that’s not screwed or nailed down. this will make it easier to give the garage a thorough cleaning. You’ll also be better able to assess which of your items are worth keeping or discarding. Go through every single item and box to determine what you will keep, donate, sell or toss. If you’re struggling to let go of items, ask yourself “Have I used this in the past year?”


With the space cleared out, move any sorted items away from the entrance of your garage. there will be plenty of dirt, dust, and water passing through the entrance as you scrub your garage interior. Start by gathering any cleaning and organizing supplies that you may need. Here is a six-step list to ensure your cleanest garage yet:


Step 1: Start by wiping down any shelving or flat surface with multipurpose spray. You might want to clean the floor first but doing that later is crucial to efficient cleaning.


Step 2: Gently clean garage walls with a rag. If your garage walls are made of drywall, brick or other rough materials, downward sweep the walls with a broom to remove some of the dirt and dust that’s accumulated. Use the broom to also remove any cobwebs that you might see.


Step 3: It’s time for the floors. Sweep out all the dirt and dust that have gathered on the floor. Make sure you aren’t missing any corners.


Step 4: For garages that need a little extra care, wash your floor with a garden hose and a gentle cleanser. If only light cleaning is required, a mop will work. Once this step is complete, use a squeegee to remove any remaining water. You can let the floor dry completely before moving on to the next step.


Step 5: Next, clean your garage door. Make sure you are cleaning your door based on its material. For many materials such as vinyl, steel and fiberglass, simply rinse off the door with a hose and then wipe it down using a sponge, dish soap and water. Wood doors are a little different. If your wood door is painted it is fine to wash it the same way as the other doors, but if your wood door is stained, only wipe the door down with a rag. Don’t forget to wash both sides of your door.


Step 6:  Check your door frames for any caked-on dirt. Cleaning the frame may require a simple scrubbing and hose off.


With your past clutter obstructing your view, you may not have noticed your garage system needs some sprucing up and that’s totally fine! Now is the perfect time to schedule any garage door repair or preventative maintenance needs. No one enjoys replacing or fixing garage door parts as much as our wonderful team. If you need repairs for safe and dependable garage door operation, turn to our well trained and trusted garage door professionals. Our technicians can provide your garage door system with the recommended services and maintenance procedures to ensure your door works smoothly.

Enjoy your very clean garage!!!