Knowing When To Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Garage door opener

Automatic garage door openers are electrical appliances that typically go unnoticed until they stop working. It’s important to know when your garage door opener need to be replaced as they offer the continued ease and comfort of accessing your home without the hassle of operating your door manually. How do you know if it’s time to update your garage door opener? Check the following list for signs that it may be time to replace your garage door opener.



1. Your garage door opener is making loud noises

While some garage door openers, such as a chain drive opener, are naturally louder than others, you might be noticing loud noises coming from your opener. This may be a sign that your opener is having difficulty opening and closing your door. It’s possible that over time the mechanisms have weakened. This could be a sign that it is time to replace your existing opener.


2. Your door immediately reverses when trying to open or close it

If your door starts opening or closing then immediately reverses its position, there could be a problem with your photo eyes. Your photo eyes, located on the bottom left and right sides of your door, are designed to detect obstructions or movement in order to prevent your door from closing on people or objects. If your opener limits are set improperly, it could trigger a false warning to the logic board and cause the safety feature to engage. In older openers, these limit settings can shift over time and a replacement opener may be needed.


3. Your garage door opening or closing slowly

Depending on the age of your opener, you may be noticing that it’s just not working as fast as it once did. While sometimes this can be a problem with the door itself, automatic openers will wear out over time and need to be replaced after their life cycle have come to an end. If you’re stuck waiting around for your garage door to open or close, it may be time to have your opener replaced.


4. Your opener is vibrating when opening or closing the door

Strong vibrations caused by your opener are a sign that you might need an opener replacement. Over time these vibrations can cause the hardware to loosen and could potentially make the entire system fall down. If your opener is vibrating, we suggest investing in a new opener soon.


5. Your garage door won’t open at all

If you’re unable to activate your opener from your remote, wireless keypad, or wall button, it may be time to your opener. Various factors could cause your opener to stop working. Including simply repeated use over a prolonged period of time. If you can’t open or close your door, you may want to consider replacing your opener.


6. You’re using outdated technology

Old garage door openers are missing out on newer features that make openers more reliable and safer to use. Some of those features you may be missing out on are:

Smart technology: such as Wi-Fi enabled operations that allow you to open and close your door remotely, receive alerts if your garage door opens unexpectedly while at work or on vacation. You can use your phone as a remote. Openers also now have cameras, so you can see who is in the garage, or allow you to let the delivery drive put a package in the garage and then close the door.

Battery backup: newer units offer the option to have a backup battery installed so that if you lose power to your home, you will never be stuck in the garage. This is also a law that requires all new openers in residential homes to be battery backup. California law SB-969

Safety features: doors and openers installed before 1993 lack vital safety features such as safety sensors and auto reverse.


If you have not replaced your garage door opener recently, you might want to think about replacing it or having a service call. We would come out to your home and have a look at your opener and door. Make sure everything is working properly and go over any questions you may have.