Garage Door Wireless Keypad

As you plan ahead and think about your future installation of your new garage door opener there are some tips to keep in mind. Wireless garage door keypads are easy to install and make access into your garage easy without a remote in hand. The building or garage might need to be handicap accessible or meet ADA requirements. Is your door considered part of an accessible route or is it just for vehicular access? Any height requirements with new building codes? For local residential installation the height is typically 5 ft above the floor. If your home is in a high traffic area and you don’t want your keypad visible to the street you can choose a different location as long as the opener signal will reach it. Most garage door wireless keypads can also be set with temporary pin that can be programmed to allow access to visitors. The temporary pin can be set for a number of hours or a number of door openings as well. This keypad works great when company comes to visit for summer or when maintenance personnel need access for yard or pool work. We have a current promotion for all new garage door opener installations, please call NorCal Garage Door for more information.

Wireless Keypad