Noisy Garage Doors

Do you have a noisy garage door? Does your garage door make loud noises? Popping, creaking, and grinding noises means that your door needs a general service. Annual service should be done at least once a year. Our technicians will lube and adjust your overhead door, torsion springs, and opener.

Springs are rated in cycles and last for approximately 10,000-cycles with normal operation. Garage door springs are absolutely critical for the operation of your door. Cold weather is a factor for your spring to crack or break. Steel contracts and becomes more brittle with severe cold weather. It’s therefore logical that garage door springs most often break in cold weather. After a cold night, the unsuspecting homeowner expects the garage spring to perform its duty as it does every other morning. But without being allowed to gradually warm up just a bit, a loud crack will let you know it’s taken more stress than it could handle in the cold, and you’ve got a broken spring on your hands and a noisy garage door.

Your door could have one or two springs. If you have two springs we recommend replacing both because typically they are put on at the same time. Tf one breaks the other one is not far behind it and it is safer to replace both.

We can replace your garage door torsion spring! A door service is included with all service calls! Get rid of that noisy garage door. If you hear your door making irregular creaking then stop the lift of the door and call us for a general service at #(530) 241-7329 or email at

Garage Door Torsion Spring

Broken Spring

This is what a broken spring looks like.

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