Update your garage to boost curb appeal

Want to make your home stand out from the others in your neighborhood? Updating your garage door can be a simple way to accomplish this while boosting curb appeal at the same time.


Try a new color. One option to make your garage door draw attention is to use a unique color. You want to consider the overall look of your home and choose a color that’ll complement your home’s architecture while still being different from the other homes in the neighborhood.


Choose a unique material. Are all the doors in your neighborhood metal or vinyl? Consider upgrading to a real wood door. Wood doors give your home character, and they can be an asset to your homes curb appeal. If you don’t want to spend more for a real wood door or the time frame is too long of a wait, consider a metal or vinyl door that is finished to look like real wood, with different stain looking options.


Add a unique design. Most garage doors look very similar. Four rows of paneling, often decorated with squares and maybe a row of windows at the top. It is fairly standard. Mix it up a little and make your home stand out. Use a flush style or a long panel door. If you have the budget, consider glass paneling. The glass comes in different colors and textures.


Upgrade the finishing touches. From the handle to the glass in the windows, the finishing touches on your garage can be the final piece of the puzzle. Wrought-iron decorative touches on the panels can add the distinction you want.