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SB 969 Battery Backup Law. All of our Liftmaster openers have built in battery backup. When your electricity shuts off the battery backup feature allows the door to still lift up so you and your family can exit safely or get your car out of the garage. Order your battery backup garage door opener.

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Q: What is SB-969?
A: SB-969 is a law passed in California that requires all garage door openers in residential applications sold or installed in California on or after July 1st 2019 to be equipped with battery backup.

Q: When replacing my existing garage door opener, will I be required to purchase a battery backup garage door opener?
A: Yes. Beginning on July 1st 2019, the only available garage door openers in California will be battery backup garage door openers.

Q: Are there any other restrictions that would require me to purchase a battery backup garage door opener?
A: If you are replacing your garage door, you must replace your garage door opener with a battery backup garage door opener. We recommend installing a battery backup opener with all new garage doors going forward to ensure they are compliant with SB-969.


Q: Is there a penalty for selling or installing a non-battery backup garage door opener after July 1st 2019 in the state of California?
A: Yes, $1000 per opener. Enforcement Actions can be brought by either consumers or government officials.

Q: Can I purchase a garage door opener from another state and install it in California?
A: No. LiftMaster and Chamberlain will not offer any product support for garage door openers installed in California which were manufactured after July 1st of 2019 which do not include a battery.

Q: When a non-motorized door is replaced, does the new law require an operator to be installed? Or can it be replaced with a new door that is non-motorized? Can homeowner choose to not install an opener?
A: The law does not require that a manually operated door must be replaced with a mechanically operated door.

Q: If a homeowner is replacing a door can the dealer reconnect a working non-BBU operator?
A: No. The law requires the opener to be replaced if the door is being replaced.


Q: Can I still get parts for my existing LiftMaster and Chamberlain opener?
A: Yes, you can still replace components of your existing operator. If a replacement is ever needed, however, a battery backup garage door opener will be required.

Q: Will current LiftMaster and Chamberlain AC models under warranty still be honored in the state of California?
A: Yes, as long as models are only being repaired and not replaced, AC models will still be honored under warranty.

Q: What opener do I use on heavy carriage house doors? Does a DC option exist?
A: Right now, the 8500W is the best solution for doors up to 850lbs.

Q: Should I wait until July 1st 2019 to begin purchasing a LiftMaster or Chamberlain battery backup opener?
A: No, we recommend transitioning over to battery backup openers now to ensure a successful transition by July 1st 2019. Remember if a new opener is purchased before July 1st 2019 that is not battery backup and the door is replaced, a battery backup opener will need to be installed with the new door. Install battery backup openers now so as to avoid replacement in the future.

Q: Can I purchase a LiftMaster or Chamberlain battery backup opener in California without a battery?
A: No, by July 1st 2019 all LiftMaster and Chamberlain openers will be sold with a battery included in the sale of the opener and in the Garage Door Opener carton.

Q: What is the life expectancy of a LiftMaster and Chamberlain battery back-up system?
A: With normal usage, a battery will last approximately 1-2 years. To obtain maximum battery life and prevent damage, disconnect the battery when the garage door opener is unplugged for an extended period of time, such as at a summer or winter home.

Q: Will a LiftMaster and Chamberlain opener with a dead battery still be legal?
Through audible and visual indication, LiftMaster and Chamberlain notifies a user when the battery needs to be replaced. It is the responsibility of the user to replace the battery once it reaches that point.


Q: Why is the battery back-up feature only available on openers with DC motors?
A: Batteries provide DC electricity. In order to best utilize a battery back-up, it is only available on operators with DC motors.

Q: If a battery is not connected, the opener will not beep if a dead battery exists. Will there be a fail-safe added to notify the user that no battery is connected to a LiftMaster or Chamberlain opener?
A: Today, if a battery backup opener is connected to the Smart Control Panel, a battery will appear on the LCD screen to notify the user a battery is connected. There is nothing planned in addition to this notification at this time, but we will continue to look at this in the future.

Q: Can the LiftMaster and Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub be connected to a non-battery backup operator after SB-969 goes into effect July 1, 2019?
A: Yes. But remember, that if the garage door opener is being replaced after July 1, 2019, it must be replaced with a unit that has a battery backup.

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